Adv. Class Introspective

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Today's update from Star Wars: The Old Republic gave us a nice introspective on what the advanced class system entails. It also brought up several curiosities that need to be mentioned.

The first of these is the obvious which is the shared skill set, this is a 'talent' tree that both classes have in common, which seems to point towards manipulating secondary attributes of your chosen profession, in this case our example was the smuggler. The specifics we are given from the smuggler entail increased energy generation while in 'cover' and an increased critical chance.

Lastly there is a certain bit of text that leads to quite a bit of speculation:

"The team wanted players to be comfortable with the core game-play of their class before introducing them to more complex game mechanics, so you will not have immediate access to Advanced Classes at character creation. Instead, the choice will be given upon locating the Advanced Class trainer on your faction’s capital world. This is a mandatory choice; not picking an Advanced Class is not an option."

We'll leave you to speculate on this and what you think it means. However we'll discuss this in depth in our upcoming Transmission 54, so make sure to give it a listen!

You can view the complete article from this Friday update here.

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