Transmission 51

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You can find it on iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. This week we talk about the advanced classes.

For show 51 we talk about Corellia, the Blood of the Empire comic, the confirmation you will not play as a Wookie or Transdoshan, and tid-bits we learned from the PAX demo that we didn't cover last episode.

Topics Discussed:

-- We're replaying KOTOR
-- Gratz to Jonathan and Fembo for winning last week's contest
-- Daniel Erickson discusses gaining XP for PVP
-- Character customization is not as flexible as Cryptic's games
-- Required reading: a 1000 page story summary
-- You will revist lower-level planets on quests
-- Being a "dark" Jedi means enslaving Twi'leks and killing needlessly.
-- Jedi lightsaber crafting, cinematic or something more?
-- No playable Wookies and No playable Transdoshans, sorry!
-- Goodbye Sean Dahlberg, may the Force be with you, always.
--------- COMIC RELIEF
-- Climax of Blood of the Empire released
-- Our feelings about Blood of the Empire as a whole
-- Corellia!
-- A planet rich with history, both past and future
-- Are the Rakatta the same ones who made Centerpoint station?
-- Visual look of the planet based on screenshots
-- Concept art reveals how the planet will be populated when it's done
-- So who's responsible for the destruction on Corellia? The Holonet avoids saying it's Imperials directly. Corporations at war? Imperial spies? Something else? And why don't we know?

Duration - 3 hours and 22 minutes

Correction: During News, stated that the current issue of Blood of the Empire is 13, when it is in fact 11. Sorry about the mix up.

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Mark said...

suzina, 'vision of the future' is the book you were describing at the end of this transmission, with the hand of thrawn (the hand shaped castle full of chiss). a typically amazing timothy zahn novel.

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