KOTOR Revisited - Prologue Impressions

Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 10/4/10 6 comments

The game starts off with the Endar Spire being attacked, soon thereafter I find my character awakens inside the ship, although he appears to have amnesia and doesn't quite know what is going on. Moments later an ensign called Trask runs through the door telling me to hurry up and find Bastila.

I soon learn that Bastila is the commanding officer onboard the ship and she's in charge of some special mission...and apparently I have sworn some kind of oath to protect her. So it appears I have no choice but to honor this oath. We grab our gear and head out.

The moment we run out of the bunker, Carth Onasi contacts us and tells us that things are looking real bad and I am quickly notified by Trask that if he says its bad, it's real bad. I mean...how much worse can it possibly get right? I ask Trask about this Carth fellow, i am told he is a war hero. I cut the chatter and proceed further.

As we make our way through the hallways, we are stopped by a closed off door, however Trask is able to open it using a security kit. Once inside we run into a boarding party of Sith and now it seems the battle for Endar Spire truly begins!

We make short work of them, but it seems causalities are pretty high. Republic soldiers liter the corridors of the ship along with debris from the space battle. Moving on we quickly run into a few more squads.

On our way to the bridge we run into a large battle and witness the Sith over running the ship, the Republic troops attempt to mount a defense, but it ultimately proves futile. Mere moments later I realize I better stop gazing around, unless I want to get my head blasted off. So look around quickly and find a frag grenade, just in time another wave of Sith shows up, however this time I have a surprise for them. I toss the frag grenade, which sends their corpses bouncing off the corridors. I smirk to myself in delight...

I continue down, but find one of the doors has been badly damaged. There is a droid working to repair them, but as we near closer and begin interacting with him, he overloads and he explodes. I salvage what I can and look for other means to proceed further down.

After a few minutes of running we run across a Sith wielding a lightsaber, he and some sort of Jedi are dueling each other, the ship suddenly starts rocking back and forth in explosions, the last we see of the fight is her falling down as Trask urges me to take a different route. I'm sure he's right.

Well we finally made it to the bridge, Trask warns me that this may get a little hairy and to best prepare for close quarter fighting. Although I don't take his advice, I stick to my blaster rifle, after all this isn't my first battle I've been in.

On the count of 3, Trask opens the doors and we are greeted by a large force of Sith, he rushes in wielding a blade, while I stay back and take out the targets using a blaster rifle, but I find it a bit too slow, so I decide to hasten the battle by tossing in another frag grenade thus making short work of them.

Opening the next few series of doors we run into another Sith, Trask rushes in promptly urging me to carry on. I think that is the last I'll see of him. He was a loyal Republic Soldier. As I continue my way Carth informs me that Bastila has taken an escape pod down towards the surface of the planet and that I should take one as fast as I can, the ship is about to be over ran completely.

I take his advice and run towards the pod, but I am foiled by a large battalion of invaders. However I improvise and hack into a nearby terminal and create a energy disruption in the conduit where they stand, creating a large explosion that clears the path for me to my escape.

We hope you've enjoyed our impressions on the prologue of Knights of the Old Republic. Stay tuned as we continue our play through!


Michael said...

I love the prologue. Although it isn't my favorite part of the game, it is a great tutorial of how to play and gives some tips for combat. Although you might want to edit and say that the Sith Trask runs off to fight is the dark Jedi Darth Bandon, Malak's apprentice (although you don't know it at the time in the story).

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

So far I am trying to give an impression as to what it would be like to take the journey first hand, without too much future spoilers. My aim to to eventually by the time the play through is complete, is to have a comprehensive opinionated walk through that explains the tale of Knights of hte Old Republic from the choices made.

so when the time comes about Darth Bandon, I'll add in the bits of information! Great catch though! You sir have a keen eye!

Michael said...

Personally, I've always loved KoTOR. My favorite game by far. KoTOR 2 was fun and had better graphics, but it doesn't even come close to the original's story. If it were possible, I'd like BioWare to remake KoTOR 1 with the graphics of today and maybe fix some of the glitches.

Thank you for making this by the way. Hoping you might do one for KoTOR 2 when you finish this =D

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Michael, glad your enjoying this. My goal is definitely to continue this all the way through to KOTOR 2, this will give everyone a nice recap of what the story is about and even those who haven't played it a chance to relive the great tales!

I agree w/ you 100$ KOTOR 1 by far has the better story as KOTOR 2 was done through Obsidian and they didn't quite finish all the design work, there was a restoration project a few years ago to try to flesh it out, but i don't think it ever got completed.

I would also love to see a version w/ updated graphics, imagine KOTOR 1/2 done w/ the crysis engine! Mmmmm....

Adaram said...

Great job on this. I recently started playing through KOTOR for the first time, and have slowly been making my way through the game (I want to at least understand the story line before SWTOR comes out). I guess I'll have to try and stay ahead of your posts! :)

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Thanks Adaram, i appreciate the kind words. There will be a new update every 2 weeks w/ the impressions, you'll have plenty of time!! Yes i definitely recommend giving it a good, concise play through and delving into the story. It's the foundation for SWTOR!

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