The website "Chronic Reload" interviewed Daniel Erickson. Hidden throughout the 15 minute audio interview there are tid-bits which have not been revealed before. I recommend listening to the interview itself on Chronic Reload, but here is my summary of some standout parts. Also keep in mind this is a paraphrase by me:
Very "Star Wars", No Flow-Walking

Dan Erickson: We respect Star Wars, if I tried to have flying guys throwing fireballs or time-traveling, they would say something about it. We can't have Wookie Jedi or explain Yoda's race for example.
System Requirements:
Dan Erickson: We need to make sure that you don't need a monster rig to play this.
Dan Erickson: ... In KOTOR, you've usually got some companions that you are bored with that don't do anything for you. Well the mission system allows you to send the companions who are not with you on their own missions. There is a cost to it and there is a time to it. The time can range from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

Diplomacy is for light side / dark side points. You only get points if they are successful.

With treasure hunting, another mission system, it's a dice roll. The more time you invest in it, the more chance to get something better. There are "Crits" with this.

You can call back to your ship and issue a mission for those companions to go get you some resources because later you're going to tell them to craft you some boots.

You don't have to be online for it. You can issue your marching orders and log off, come back the next day, and see what cool stuff your companions got for you.
CR: You're taking the toughness out of grinding. Some hard-core grinders will be disappointed.

Dan Erickson: No one wants to make a game about grinding. Grinding isn't OK in a single-player game, so why should it be in an MMO?
 Source: Chronic Reload

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