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Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 11/10/10 4 comments

An interesting development occurred today, Electronic Arts has gained the publishing rights to Star Wars: The Old Republic from LucasArts. It will be handling the distribution and marketing of this titanic title. I want to iterate that this is not 100% confirmed yet, but what does this mean to the rest of us if it does indeed prove to be true?

First of all this would entail EA to have more control over the upcoming mmorpg. They will be responsible for the majority of the direction they wish to advertise and market the game towards. Having gained more control would also give them less hoops to jump through. To bring this to a conclusion, this doesn't completely put LucasArts out of the picture as they will still be involved in the collaboration process. So yes, in short any continuity issues will go through Leeland Chee.

Let us know what your thoughts are of this recent news and your predictions on how this may impact SW:TOR.


There's been an official update from Electronic Arts regarding the new Global Publishing Agreement.

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Ajay said...

Wow, that's interesting. Lucasarts still has had an important influence on TOR and will have a continuing influence I imagine. EA seems to know how to distribute and market fairly well, so it should be fine I hope.

Joshua said...

I didn't realize Lucasarts was going to be in charge of distribution. Not really sure I see how this could effect the game one way or the other, both companies have a lot of experience, good and bad, but I'm not seeing any reason to panic about this.

Michael said...

Saw this about 10 minutes ago on the forums. I'm not too sure how this'll actually affect the game itself though. Sure this'll make EA in charge of who gets the game and where its advertised, but if EA wants to make any money, they won't do anything to destroy the game. Besides, leaving the distribution and marketing to EA (who in my opinion is pretty good at it) leaves more of the gaming aspect to LucasArts. So it might even be good news.

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Yea there's nothing to panic over this, if anything my personally opinion is this maybe even for the better as if you notice the last few titles from LA didn't seem to get much love in the media light and i feel they could have been marketed better. Meanwhile i feel that EA spares no expensive in a few of their hits, this mostly goes towards sports titles. Those actually seem to have great financial backing. Think TV spots etc.

So this could turn out to be a good thing over all. However, I am also of the mind this shouldn't have any impact whatsoever over the development of swtor.

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