Friday update: Warzones

Posted by Dendory On 11/5/10 1 comments

Today's update on the official SWTOR site is all about PvP with a video of one of the warzones available in game. The first thing I'm reminded watching that is the battlegrounds of World of Warcraft. It seems to be vast zones that are dedicated to PvP, where each faction has specific objectives to accomplish in order to win the battle.

Some other details from the video is that this particular one, on Alderaan, seems to be 8 players versus 8. It also seems like each faction will start behind a force field while the objective is defined before they are released into the warzone. Finally, it looks like there will be capturable objectives such as canons which can be used against the enemy.

Gamespot UK also has an exclusive video interview about warzones. Check it out if you're into PvP!

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Suzina said...

crafting too! great find on that article/video. Lots of great details. I'm still sitting and trying to think of all the implications of such a crafting/gathering system. The PVP info is great, love it, but the crafting stuff in that article just came out of nowhere!

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