Mysterious European Announcement

Posted by Suzina On 11/3/10 3 comments

Bioware has updated their Twitter and Facebook pages for TOR to indicate an impending big announcement. Their twitter page says only, "We’re in Europe where we’ll be announcing new details about The Old Republic™. Stay tuned!"

The timing of the post seems to indicate a possible Thursday press release with a recap of the information on Friday on the website.

Fans on the forums are currently speculating that the announcement could be anything from crafting to a new phase of testing, but Bioware hasn't given so much as a hint as to the nature of the announcement. It is the opinion of this humble podcaster that we'll see a demonstration of how morality can change your appearance, but that is naught but a guess. We'll have to wait to find out.


Kalvod Ku'arad said...

Exciting.... can't wait to hear the announcements!

Michael said...

I saw this and tried to dig up info as to what it might be but couldn't find anything. Guess the only thing to do is wait. But I can't!! I keep searching for information that isn't there!! ARRRGH!!

Kalvod Ku'arad said...

I know they are pretty tight lipped about it, the only info i got was from Deb Shin and that this will be happening in the UK (London)

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