Transmission 52

Posted by Suzina On 9/19/10 4 comments

You can find it on iTunes, or you can direct download it from the toolbar to the right. This week we talk about the smuggler class video and the "Designing the Light Side" developer video.

Topics Discussed:

-- Fan Friday concept art
-- Smuggler class video impressions
-- Wookie companion
-- Other small details from the smuggler video
-- Designing the Light Side, impressions
-- Knight vs Consular
-- Animations, customization and colors
-- How space combat looks in these videos
-- Smugglers slicing (hacking) computers?
-- Smugglers using spice?
-- Can Jedi use blasters?
Duration - One hour, 24 minutes


Michael said...

1 year =D Love listening to your perspectives on all the updates and the speculations. This is Transient btw =)

Kalvod | Java Jawa said...

Glad your enjoying it! :)

strangebud said...

do we got any news on release date or anything?

Kalvod | Java Jawa said...

Same old, same old - Spring 2011. No specifics, hopefully no more delays, but i definitely want to see a polished launch w/ some a monolithic title.

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