Deceived - Non Spoiler Review

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To preface anything, the following is a non-spoiler review. Make sure to stay tuned as we'll discuss the book in all it's glorious details in an upcoming minicast.

This past week, I had the chance to sit down and read the Paul S. Kemp's latest book – Deceived. The book takes place in the Old Republic Era, it starts out approximately where we see the trailer. If you haven't seen that yet...what are you waiting for, view it now!

The book revolves around three characters, the focus of them however is Darth Malgus. While the character's themselves are very well rounded, dynamic, the interesting aspect is we see an evolution of their personalities as they are driven to the circumstances they are put upon them and the effects of that. From beginning to end, the book is a roller coaster of a ride.

There are many themes running through the course of the novel and as any great story it contains various shades of gray, love, revenge and epitomes. Also for all of us Star Wars fans, you surely won't be disappointed as there's a lot of great action taking place, from high intense blaster fights, space battles and our favorite Jedi vs Sith!

If your taking your first step into the Star Wars Expanded Universe, this Is a great place to start, I would like to note that this is a pretty stand alone novel, which really doesn't require any previous knowledge of the canon. So pick it up, have yourself a fun read and enjoy what it offers, rest assured you won't be disappointed.

I found myself once, I picked it up, I couldn't put it down and a tease for you all . . . prepare to have your jaw hanging open at one point or another!

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