Transmission 73 - The Dark Side

Posted by Kalvod | Java Jawa On 5/22/11 1 comments

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In this latest transmission we sit down to discuss the past few weeks worth of news, give our opinions, some general banter and Colten enlightens us with some great first hand underworld tips.

Show Topics:
  • News
  • E3 & Predictions
  • Release Date Discussion
  • Codex & Beyond
  • Retention, Expansion & Predictions
  • Dashade - Khem Val
  • Sith Inquisitor & The Dark Side
  • Closing Thoughts
  • Hypothetical Sith Inquisitor
Duration: 145:40

Thanks for listening and if you have any questions, feedback or more, don't hesitate to let us know!

1 comment:

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