November Release for TOR?

Posted by Suzina On 7/16/11 2 comments

Financial analysts have leaked information about TOR in the past. Most remember when we heard on a financial conference call that TOR's expected release was Spring 2011. Well spring as come and gone, but the financial side of EA still likes to tell their investors when to expect profits from this massive project they are working on. It seems like EA was waiting to see if they could do a September release, and have instead gone for a November release. Quote below.

We are updating our model accordingly. EA also pre-announced fiscal 1Q (June) positively. It gave disappointing initial 2Q EPS guidance. We are officially moving the expected Star Wars launch from September to November. PopCap is not the key to getting ERTS right. We like this acquisition, but this is not going to make or break your ERTS trade this year. The success of Star Wars and Battlefield, on the other hand, will. All eyes now shift to them.

Read the full quote at: in the "Electronic Arts" section


Jbradley said...

Have any devs commented on this anywhere?

Suzina said...

As of this moment, no. But this story has only been out for a few hours as of this writing, and it's the weekend for the Dev team, so they are probably at home having family time.

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