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Suzina said...

Torture is morally wrong no matter who it is done to!!!!

John McCain was tortured and he was offered early release as a highly visible captive so that his fellow soldiers could be tortured quietly for info without the US news gnowing anything. This is why John McCain is a hero and Trump is an ass. Because John McCain isn't just a hero for "being tortured" he refused release until he was the last one being tortured. That dude is fucking bad ass. he has principle. Principle's are almost dead in american politics. Wake up people. If you knew me ever as Suz, you know I am the very best kind of crazy and random because in my heart, I have only used the Dark Side of the Force for the greater good. Join me. Tell others of the FEMA concentration camps being built around the country to house americans in facilities that look like shopping malls. THe last two months they have been rounding up homeless people in Portland and Vancouver Washington. I don't knwo where the camp is, but I will try to find it and get the people out. if I disappear, that's what happened. I will never commit suicide (been there, tried that) and I am a pacafist so I will never use violence. But pacafist does not = apathist.

You are all deputized as official Holofeed tech specialists to get the word out under orders of Bane Guild. Rock on, do it!

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