E3 Updates - Day 1

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The first day of E3 is well on it's way. We've managed to learn a few tidbits regarding Star Wars: The Old Republic. So without further ado lets get into it.

To start things off EA is rolling out a new service titled Origin, through this service you'll be able to find exclusive videos and merge your EA account into it. This service will provide a EA store, access to news, a download manager and more. What do we think about it? 

Today's business environment is competitive and consumers want to spend their hard earned money and get the most out of it. In this regard by EA using a service comparable to Steam, they achieve a higher profit margin and reduce any fee's as occurred by other distributors of their content, in addition they also provide a platform of convenience allowing them to consolidate multiple services.

Next we are presented with a new section of the Star Wars: The Old Republic website titled: "Game Setting" which contains the three cinematic trailers in chronological order, including brief descriptions. This is a nice archive and as the franchise is based so strongly upon it's story, we certainly appreciate it and it's organizational component.

Lastly a new cinematic trailer was revealed today, showcasing another glimpse of the setting of The Old Republic.

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