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 During the first day of E3, we were pleasantly treated with a brand new delicious cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. In this lengthy trailer, which spans well over 6 minutes, we are given some spectacular cinematography and visuals as we get an introspective look of the Republic surrounding Korriban and the events unfolding thereafter.

For over a thousand years, the Sith were thought to be extinct after a grave defeat in an ancient war. But a select few survived, fleeing to unknown regions to escape Republic forces. In the centuries since, the Sith have prepared; rebuilding their Empire for the day they would make their return to reclaim what was once theirs and take their revenge on the Republic.
That day has arrived.

 If you haven't seen the new cinematic yet, then what are you waiting for, you can view it here. Let us know what you think!

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